This week I’ve written lyrics to two of the Ventura songs. They are subject to revision, and the titles are tentative. -h

“Lee’s Summit”

Six months out / settled in / frontier town, mission hills / time to change my heart enough to fit
Our / lonesome, crowded western state / teach me how to pray / not as a hero, as a father
No one wins / but we all play / like high school stars / …I quietly try to give the game away.

CHORUS (instrumental)

Who can speak / the language and / not feel a thing? / Silently, I saw it asking
“What / do you call / a love that mouths / the words / but isn’t ready for the living?”
I don’t know / it’s “not enough.”

Say something wrong to me
Say something wrong to me
Create an excuse that I can hold against you / Not much but it’s not empty either
Say something wrong; justify me
Haven’t yet / I don’t think you ever will

“While I Was Moving About Flyover Country”

Hey, love, I heard you walking out
The February sun shines down
One year, your steps took, reaching me
Their sound was covered in the chill breeze

I know just what you’re thinking, time after time
What, love? What life we’re missing? What’s this “goodbye”?

How is our town and how are you?
Time’s tough; I haven’t come around
I’m scared my ears are getting worse
And I can’t find the words, but

I know just what you’re thinking…
What love?

It wouldn’t take ten minutes to write a fortune;
A horoscope. We’re authors of this best-seller
The Times prints us up; we’re translated to foreign languages
Our title, “Love, I Heard You Walking Back.”

How are you happy not to write?

I know just what you’re thinking…

4 thoughts on “NEW LYRICS”

  1. Random trivia: my mom and grandparents lived in Lee’s Summit before she went to Doane and the grandparents moved to Nebraska to be UCC conference ministers.

  2. That’s not random;
    adj. 1. Having no specific pattern or purpose
    It’s coincidental;
    n. 1. The state or fact of occupying the same relative position or area in space
    Perhaps providential;
    n. 3. The care exercised by a deity; divine direction

    I don’t actually live in Lee’s Summit (Jody does) (I don’t live in Mission Hills KS either) but I thought it was a cool title, it’s got an old ring to it, as though it was named in the Civil War (maybe it is – I don’t know). Much better than “Raytown” (Raytown stylee, represent! THI-ZZLE!) -h


    Please note that “providence” refers to care and direction (i.e. discernment);

    not interference, a divine “plan,” coercion, or anything that would imply God messing with the physical causal chains of our universe.

    I wish this weren’t necessary… but so many people of faith take that “plan” stuff for granted, I and want to be sure it’s clear I’m talking about something different.

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