Do Yourself A Favor This Weekend

Visit the Museum of Bad Album Covers.  Click around.  Enjoy!

While I was there, I picked out some covers that I thought would be appropriate for Mr. Furious bands to pay homage to on future releases:

Sally Ride – Sing Out For Motorcycles

D-Rockets – By Request Only

Benjamin Axeface – Los Indios Taba-Jaras

Gilmo – What’s Next?

echoes – God’s Power

Bike – Reborn

Robot, Creep Closer! – Stuffparty!


One thought on “Do Yourself A Favor This Weekend”

  1. HAHAHAHA! Holy F*ck this is awesome! I LOOOOOOVE THE GILMO ONE AND THE BIKE ONE! The Bike one is so appropriate, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I wish it weren’t taken already! NATE! If you read this, do your best to rip off that cover’s artwork without making it obvious!

    Good work, Howard!

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