Five Star Crush

…is not a boy band!

You may or may not have heard that I joined a rock band in… February… or so. Now that we’ve established a bit of a groove, and things are bopping, here’s a bit of the story.

Starting to feel at home in KC and managing the wave-surfing that is work, I started looking at classifieds and Craigslist for drummer jobs. I wanted something Shacker-ish, where I could play along and contribute to someone else’s artistic vision. I fired off some emails, and on a whim answered a call for a keyboard player (!). Starting with BP’s Creepy Eepy, and then with Be A Ska Rat, I’d been playing some keys and enjoying that. I didn’t own a synth though; I had to borrow, first from Katy, then from Missy/Jody.

I learned a couple songs from the band’s myspace, auditioned, and joined what was then The Farewell. Several gigs and a name-change later, we are a fully functioning band unit; Five Star Crush. Details for the time being are at and We’re playing often in KC, and in the area too. The sound is something like a crash between other-side-of-the-pond stuff (U2, Radiohead), New York bands (French Kicks, Longwave, Interpol) and surprisingly, some classic American rock (Tom Petty). At least, that’s what I hear.

My instrument is an Alesis Micron, which is tiny but has a ton of powerful sounds and programmable “setups” with patches/rhythms/effects/layers. I’m digging it. It’s my third one though; the first two were broken out of the box, so if you are interested in one make SURE you test it thoroughly at the store! Don’t order it online.

5*C is not connected to Mr. Furious Records. Also, I am not slowing down on MFR stuff (in case you haven’t noticed all the new music last month, plus upcoming Bike, Ventura, and 27 other echoes projects).

Peep our pages and catch up with us soon! -h