Murder Ballads

I’m going to sneak this in under the wire before midnight.  You guys probably don’t realize how much motivation it provides to have a weekly update or thought or MUSIC, but it’s a good bit.

It’s no secret that Robot, Creep Closer! is talking with Lone Prairie Records about putting out an album (way to go, robots!).  However, it was news to me last week when talking with Cory that Eric at LPR is also compiling a disc (or maybe double-disc) of murder ballads.  After hearing about it, and hearing Cory play the killer tune he wrote for it, I thought… “Hey… I wrote a murder ballad once…”  A song called “Set You Ablaze” that is at least a couple years old (older… from college sometime…) that I’ve never really played except for myself and definitely not recorded.

“Killer” tune!

So Cory talked to Eric, and we all talked, and now my tune will also be on the comp., and I get to do the mastering for the whole thing.  That’s what I’ve been working on for a week now.  “Set You Ablaze” is a slow, sparse waltz about a cowboy whose woman betrays him in love, and when he finds out she leaves town and he takes off after her.  Somebody is not going to make it.  It’s basically acoustic guitar and voice, and I’m playing with other sounds to blend with it.  I’m recording in my one tiny closet in my apartment, so the clothes are all over everywhere else and if anyone is hearing anything I’m sure they’re confused.

Over the weekend Cory and I also worked out the final details on Ventura demos, so I will be fixing those up and begging one friend after another (haven’t decided on the order yet) to let me invade their space for a couple weeks and bang on a ton of drums.  When I’m not doing murder ballads.  -h

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    Seriously in consideration for R,CC!’s album. We record today! Wish us luck!!!!!!!

    Cory Alan

    PS anyone can send their well-wishes to We are nervous and excited. And pointy.

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