Guest List: Cory Kibler

Welcome to the MFR edition of Pitchfork’s Guest List. This week, I asked Cory to fill you in on what he’s been up to lately: which tracks he can’t stop spinning, what books he can’t put down, and what new bands he’s caught on tour.

>> Favorite New Songs of the Past Year:

“Finer Feelings” and “The Underdog” off of the newest Spoon record Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga are both huge favorites. Hmmm… “Divisionism” by The Return off of The Arsonist (Plays the Architect). “New Slow Sea” by Sally Ride! Was that more than a year ago? I don’t give a crap! “Angel In The Snow” off of New Moon by Elliott Smith, which is an old song but the record is new, so I think it counts.

>> Favorite Older Songs at the Moment:

I just got Revolver and Abbey Road for my wedding, and my favorite songs off of those guys are “For No One”, “Here, There, and Everywhere”, “Eleanor Rigby”, “Something”, “Here Comes The Sun”, “Because”, and “Come Together”. I’ve heard both these records before I officially owned them, but I love getting new Beatles records because you just know it’s going to be awesome no matter what.

>> Favorite New Band:

My new band, The Sleepover! And, what else… new bands to ME include Led Zeppelin, Centro-Matic, and Neil Young. And I like these a bunch.

>> Best Recent Concert:

Ladyfinger (ne), Ideal Cleaners, Her Flyaway Manner and Paper People at Box Awesome this last weekend. I wasn’t able to actually see Paper People, but I heard they rocked. You read my mind, Muchacho.

>> Favorite Song Ever:

“Say Yes” by Elliott Smith is up there. “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea” by Neutral Milk Hotel is as well. A lot of songs off of The Photo Album by Death Cab for Cutie are favorites. My favorite MFR song lately has been “The Picture Song” by tape/echoes HOWIE BABY BOY-NASTY! I love that song. Out of all the songs Howie has written, this song is the song I wish I wrote the most. Or at least, it’s probably the one I could have written the most, if that makes sense.

>> Last Great Film I Saw:

Um, I saw “The Darjeeling Limited” and I liked that a lot. It’s much more of a drama than Wes Anderson’s other movies; it doesn’t have the same inane silliness. So it was hard to get used to. But I really liked it. I’ll be able to say more after I’ve seen it a few more times.

>> Last Great Book I Read:

“Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates” by Tom Robbins! I read this while in Jamaica on my Honeymoon and then finished it up just recently. Excellent book. I like reading Robbins at a slow pace because there’s so much literary awesomeness to appreciate.

>> Favorite Piece of Musical Equipment:

Um, my iPod or guitar? I don’t really have anything that cool.

>> Favorite Record Shop:

Salzer’s Records in Ventura, CA does the trick. And not just because I worked there; it’s AWESOME. Amoeba Records in Hollywood and Berkeley is probably the best place to records, though. Cheap, and they have EVERYTHING.

>> Best Purchase of the Past Year:

My guitar, I think? I bet that’s it. It’s a red Ovation fiber-glass backed job. It sounds great, especially since my old guitar (a learner’s guitar) kind of suuuuucked. But I feel bad saying that, since it was my first guitar that I owned. But yeah, it buzzed and didn’t say in tune.

>> Best Thing I Did This Year:

I got MARRIED, ladies! It was awesome!

>> Favorite Music Venue:

The Zoo Bar, Duffy’s and Box Awesome are pretty rad! The Orpheum in Omaha isn’t too bad, either; I’m going to The Slowdown this weekend though, so I’ll be able to tell you if that’s as awesome as everyone says it is. is the link, I think!

>> Favorite TV Show at the Moment:

Grey’s Anatomy is always pretty good. Campus Ladies is awesome, but I haven’t seen it in forever. Is it still on? There’s some other show that’s awesome that I can’t remember. Maybe that’s it?

>> Favorite Radio Show:

None! NPR? UNL’s radio station, 90.3?

>> My Ringtone:

“AAANSWER YOUR PHOOOOOONE!” It’s me singing it! Over and over!