howie&scott SHOW – APRIL 19, KC

On my way home from evening activities last night, ScoMo called.  His blues band is playing at Blayney’s here in Kansas City April 18 and 19.  Did I want to hang out on Saturday (19)?

YES.  And it just so happens that I am playing an acoustic show that afternoon.

howie&scott at the KCSPUCC Craft Fair

10 AM – 4 PM (MAP), Saturday, April 19

Kansas City, MO, US

We’ll be playing off and on throughout the afternoon, tightrope-walking with no net.  We will play songs Scott has never played before.  We’ll play songs you’ve never heard before.  We’ll (attempt to!) play old stuff.  It will be fun.  If you’re around at 4, we can go have dinner together and hang out.  If you need a place to stay, I can probably help with that.
This will also be the release of “Songs of -h,” AKA the “howie comp.”  “Songs of -h” has fourteen of my best songs released on Mr. Furious Records, including several of your choices (the acoustic “Open Columns,” “New Slow Sea,” and “The Picture Song”).  It also includes three exclusive tracks: “Stop Walking (live)” from the h&s Summer’s End sessions, “Set You Ablaze” from Lone Prairie Records’ “Killers in the Nebraska Territory” murder ballad compilation, and a brand-new acoustic recording of “Major & Minor.”

The disc will be packaged in a handmade origami case, and come with two pages of liner notes with stories and background information I’ve never shared before about each song.  I’m limiting the release to 100 copies, hand-numbered and signed.

I suggest that folks make a $20-40 gift to help send two high-school-age friends of mine to Tijuana, Mexico in June, where we will build a simple but strong house for a family that doesn’t have one.  100% of your gift will go to the trip fund.  The trip cost, including construction materials and AMOR Ministries’ ground support team, is about $1100 per person.
“Songs of -h” will not be available digitally via Mr. Furious Records, and this will be the only opportunity to pick up the acoustic “Major & Minor” and the liner notes…  ever!

IF YOU DON’T EXPECT TO SEE ME IN PERSON during April or May, leave a comment on this post with your email address.  I will get in touch with you, let you know how you can make your gift toward the Mexico trip, and get a copy in the mail for you.

I am mega-excited about this.  I haven’t had my work printed on CDs since “signs.comets,” more than four years ago.  It’s a special project that came about in a sublime way for a great cause.  Thanks for your gifts of friendship, input, songwriting (Cory & Joel!), time, origami (Tim!), listening, and money.

Full tracklist:

Songs of -h

1. Snow is a Bear

2. J. Cougar Mellensong

3. Coast & Plains

4. New Slow Sea

5. What U Do 2 Me

6. Open Columns (acoustic)

7. Tired Chords (live)

8. Stop Walking (live)

9. Major & Minor (acoustic)

10. Set You Ablaze

11. Back in the Fire

12. The Picture Song

13. America Votes 2032

14. The Last Song

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  1. Oh, you know I’m always down for music+origami+helping people. Hit me up with the 411 on what I need to do to participate!

  2. err…and adding email address is good too!

    Apparently, should you try to send something to james.hills (at) doane (dot) edu, it doesn’t work anymore. Those sneaky computer folks at Doane changed it on me! So now it’s jt.hills (at) doane (dot) edu

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