Mars Lights Replay Show Review at I <3 Local Music

Big thanks to Fally at I Heart Local Music for rocking out and taking some video and photos last Friday night at the Replay in Lawrence. Photos and review at the post, but here’s the video of “Stars Above,” a new jam.

Sound guy politely suggested our amps were too loud, so blame us for the buried vocals. Drew loved that, and will probably be louder next time because of it, so that’s one reason we love him.

Keep Believing, Bros

Assorted Believe The Honesty, Bro-related points:

  • Lincoln Journal-Star review – “The Sleepover’s new release sounds great”  (Ha!)
  • review – “The jangling guitar work on ‘In Circles’ and at moments during other songs reminds me of early Beat Happening.”  (I guess I’ll have to listen to Beat Happening)
  • Blackbeard’s cannon recovered from the bottom of the sea (Hat tip to Cory)
  • Thanks to all who came to the EP release at the Bourbon in Lincoln last weekend.  It was a great show for us: lots of funny Cory stories, we played pretty well (and got to dig a little deep into the catalog), I had a Hopaluia, and it was straight-up fun.
  • Next show: January 21, 2012, at The Slowdown in Omaha, NE
  • Chelsea shot some video at the Bourbon!  See below: