Five Star Crush at the Setlist, Warrensburg MO, 27 May

The two really interesting things about Saturday’s show with 5*C didn’t happen during our set.

I rolled down all three blocks of downtown W-burg early and popped in to the used CD store.  Purchased The Lemonheads It’s A Shame About Ray and Dead Prez Revolutionary But Gangsta.  But something in the “H” section shocked me; a copy of near and far.  I don’t know anyone in Warrensburg or who might have gone to Central Missouri State; it’s a mystery.  An ego boost mystery that made me feel like a rock star!

Freaky occurance # 2 was that I had actually played at the Setlist before, three years ago or more, with Shacker.  James had booked the gig and rented a minivan for it (why Warrensburg?!  We forget!) and we listened to Speakerboxxx/The Love Below on the way down.  We got there super early and ate across the street, James changed clothes in the van.  After a weird shoegaze band, we played a short set because the owner/sound guy told us we had one song left after only 20 minutes.  Nobody was there.  And we drove all the way back home that night, rocking out to The Colour and The Shape to feel better.

Funny thing; nobody was there for our set this time either.  We played OK, and introduced a rad new song we wrote just Friday at practice.

But if you need a used copy of one of my old records, I can tell you where to find it.  -h