"One Stereo" + "Autumn" Available

A surge in interest in pop-rocking Shacker songs has led to today’s re-posting of “One Stereo” from Knowing Her Best, Blackbeard Defends the Open Sea and the acoustic version of “Autumn” from The Dimly Lit Room. Welcome to first-time Mr. Furious users, and happy downloading.

The first cases of Furious Instance have been retired to make space for the Shacker material. The mrfuriousrecords.com servers do not hold all of our full releases simultaneously; as always, you can request any particular song to be posted by email; mr (at) mrfuriousrecords.com

Coming Soon: two new Furious Instance from Beach-Puppy, Nebraska Verses, and 1.5 releases from Bike! Still Coming After: Sally Ride, echoes Be A Ska Rat.


In the past few months, I’ve written out music/guitar tab on four different howie&scott songs for three different people. That makes it seem worthwhile to clean up and publish those notes and words, so others might learn, play, and enjoy the songs. It’s also a fitting time, as we finish work on the Nebraska Verses and plan a glance back at the roots of Mr. Furious Records in 2001-04. Here are links to tabs (chords in the case of “So In Love…”):

New Title (berlin), from signs.comets (2004)

Major & Minor, from signs.comets (2004)

Thanks For Visiting Me On The Radio, from signs.comets (2004)

I’m So In Love (and Never Thought That It Would Be You), from near and far (2002)

For the uninitiated, guitar “tab” is a type of musical notation that is easily written in HTML format and shared across the internet. Six horizontal lines represent the six guitar strings; numbers on those lines represent the frets on which notes are played, moving from left to right in time (like sheet music). Chords appear as vertical stacks of numbers; lead lines, solos, and arpeggios are spaced out across the lines.

It was by sitting at the computer with a stack of CDs, listening to my favorite songs and reading guitar tabs, that I learned how to play guitar. Besides taking the requests for tabs as a high compliment, it feels like good karma to author some tabs for others. Thanks Cory, Scott, and Kelsey for asking for these. I’m happy to have done them.

Benjamin Axeface makes their debut

So, last Saturday, Tucci and I were one. Well, we’ve always been ONE,
but what I mean to say is, we played together at Meadowlark Coffeehouse
in Lincoln, NE.

Originally, it was supposed to be Beach Puppy, but my feeling is that
once you add a member to a solo group and the band member writes their
own parts, it becomes a band, right? Anyway, it was cool, and we
played as “Church Directory Photo Starring: Benjamin Axeface.”

Impressions: We played well. We were buzzed enough to be relaxed, but
not sloppy-buzzed. We were on point, precise, and we played our songs
pretty well. There were about 20-30 people there, and some of of them
were myspace friends that I’d never met before, which I thought was

There was a dude who was observing us, and once in a while, he’d write
down some stuff on a pad of paper.

One dude in the corner had his headphones on the whole time.

They kept making smoothies in The Loudest Blender Ever, which was kind
of crappy.

Blane played with us, and he sounded terrific.

My mom had a latte and two coffees, and I think she was visibly
vibrating at the end there…..

We didn’t get paid, but it was really fun to play. Annie will play
with us next time.

Cory Alan

Beach-Puppy Performance Saturday

Our own BEACH-PUPPY will perform this coming Saturday with BLANE*. Beach-Puppy will be playing songs; songs he wrote; songs such as “Nature vs. Nurture,” “Rose-Colored Glasses,” and perhaps “Taking A Break” from the Kerouac-covered Creepy Eepy.

Beach-Puppy and BLANE
Saturday, June 18th – 8:00 pm sharp.
Meadowlark Coffeehouse – NW corner of 17th & South streets (next to Open Harvest and Burger Lord) (is there any food-corner in the city of Lincoln more incongruous??? -ed.).
Lincoln, Nebraska

*BLANE is Brandon McKenzie from Strawberry Burns and The Golden Age.

See you… AT THE SHOW!


The Twin Cities music scene is infinitely worth sharing with you (for the second time!), and what better way than through a mixtape?

This second edition of MIX-MSP is full of the amazing beats, pop, and quirky music that bubbles around a community known more for the Replacements, Husker Du, Soul Asylum, and Semisonic. Atmosphere is the Twin Cities’ hottest international export in hip-hop, Vicious Vicious makes irresistable blue-eyed funk, and I’ve got a favorite iTunes playlist of my own that juxtaposes Jeff Hanson with Elliot Smith. Dosh breaks the idea of solo-instrumental music in a thousand pieces, and bands like Thunder In The Valley and Coach Said Not To push the boundaries of pop. But Astronaut Wife, Romantica, and Mark Mallman ground the mix with catchy, memorable tunes.

Like the music on Mr. Furious Records, right-click + “save target as” to download the songs. Also, download last week’s edition of MIX-MSP below; Punk, Rock, and How!

Links verified 1/September/05

1. “Trying To Find A Balance” / Atmosphere, from Seven’s Travels. rhymesayers.com.

2. “Shake That Ass On The Dance Floor” / Vicious Vicious, from Blood & Clover. viciousvicious.com.

3. “Drop Me a Line” / The Owls, from Our Hopes and Dreams EP. www.theowls.net.

4. “Call It Clear” / Halloween, Alaska, from Halloween, Alaska. www.halloweenalaska.com.

5. “A Tiger Dancing” / Heiruspecs, from A Tiger Dancing. www.heiruspecs.com.

6. “Naoise” / Dosh, from Pure Trash. www.anticon.com.

7. “Superpowers” / Astronaut Wife, from Now That 1999 Is Gone. www.susstones.com.

8. “Manifesto” / Valet, from Life On The Installment Plan. www.valetmusic.com.

9. “Words That I Employ” / Coach Said Not To, from Coach Said Not To EP. www.coachsaidnotto.com.

10. “Altar” / Thunder in the Valley, from Thunder in the Valley EP. walkingdead.net/~titv/.

11. “Just Like Me” / Jeff Hanson, from Son. www.jeffhanson.net.

12. “On My Mind” / Romantica, from It’s Your Weakness That I Want. www.romanticamusic.com.

13. “Hardcore Romantics” / Mark Mallman, from Mr. Serious. mallman.com.

MIX-MSP Released on MFR [blog]

MIX-MSP, a downloadable “mixtape”/playlist, was released today on the Mr. Furious [blog]. Punk, Rock, and How is a compilation of great rock songs by Minneapolis-St. Paul local musicians. All of the music is free and legal to download, burn, and share. Mr. Furious has carefully assembled, selected, and sequenced the absolute finest in Twin Cities rock ‘n roll for your listening pleasure.

And that’s not all – a second “mixtape”/playlist, Beats, Pop, and Why arrives next Wednesday (8th) with a big shot of hip-hop, hooks, and other unclassifiable sorts of music happening in and around MSP!

Coming Soon: new Furious Instance, Coming After: Sally Ride.


The local music scene in the Twin Cities is infinitely worth sharing with you; MFR listeners and [blog] readers. What better way than with a mixtape?

Enter MIX-MSP, a digital playlist/”mixtape” of links to free, legal mp3s from bands in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Carefully selected, impeccably sequenced, this compilation of Minnesota music might become your new favorite summer soundtrack. The first edition, Punk, Rock, and How covers the rockist angle with plenty of electric guitars, from The Tin Horns’ funky stomp & swagger to Soviettes’ grrl-punk to Kid Dakota’s sparse balladry. Olympic Hopefuls and The Plastic Constellations are essential listening for everybody… don’t miss a track! Download the whole mix!

Just like the music on Mr. Furious Records, right-click + “save target as” to download the songs. Next Tuesday, next edition of MIX-MSP; Beats, Pop, and Why!

(“MSP” refers to the Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul)

Links verified 1/September/05

1. “Ballad of Nonsenso” / The Tin Horns, from The Champions of Victory. myspace.com/tinhorns.

2. “Blue Stars” / The Soviettes, from LP. www.thesoviettes.net.

3. “Davico” / The Plastic Constellations, from Mazatlan. theplasticconstellations.com.

4. “Holiday” / Olympic Hopefuls, from The Fuses Refuse To Burn. www.olympichopefulsmusic.com.

5. “Motobike” / Olympic Hopefuls, from The Fuses Refuse To Burn. www.olympichopefulsmusic.com.

6. “Road Kill” / The Bleeding Hickeys, from Lovers and Haters, Unite! www.bleedinghickeys.com.

7. “New Infection” / The Melismatics, from New Infection. www.melismatics.com.

8. “Surprise, Surprise” / Landing Gear, from Break-Up Songs For Relationships That Never Happened. www.landinggearmusic.com.

9. “Aries” / Die Electric!, from Push Pull. www.dieelectric.com.

10. “Where We Shine” / The Cardinal Sin, from Oil and Water. thecardinalsin.com.

11. “Winterkill” / Kid Dakota, from The West Is The Future. www.kiddakota.com.

12. “Twister Party Fails To Get Dirty” / Chariots, from Congratulations. www.chariots-music.com.

13. “Bed of Stars” / Dallas Orbiter, from Magnesium Fireflies. www.dallasorbiter.com.