When it comes to Bike, know that my thoughts are very subjective, because I worked on the mastering of How Is That Possible (Mr. Furious‘ release today – 23 December) and I like Nate’s album. The requirements of full disclosure satisfied, some thoughts on How Is That Possible:

– My favorite tracks: My Little Town (2), Bad Attitude (4), Out Of Control (9).
– Though opening track “He Came To Steal Your Children” gets me imagining playfully murderous toy mechas, don’t let it dominate your idea of the rest of Bike; it is an introduction, and the album is somewhat different. I know from watching’s web stats that the first track of any album gets more downloads than others, so this is on my mind.
– Bike is quite listener-friendly in that the songs are a good length. Sometimes in beat- or atmosphere-oriented music, artists are tempted to stretch ideas out too much; Bike never falls into that trap.
– Bike’s artist photo and How Is That Possible‘s cover can tell you a lot about Bike. I’m attracted; I laugh, and recoil a bit, and finally composure fails – I’m on, hook, line, and sinker.
– “Smalley Mollusk Topocentric” was the subject heading of a piece of spam emailed to me a few days ago, and I like how it rolls off the tongue.*

* not even remotely Bike-related.


  1. I am a virgin to blogging. I really didn’t have anything to comment on, but I did download the BIKE album. It’s pretty rad so far. I’ll post my two-cents after I listen to it some more.

  2. HEY Mr.Furious!! How can I become a CONTRIBUTOR??? You know who I am, so don’t act like you don’t. When you lived in that house with stairs, I slowly crept up to your room and played tic-tac-toe with the bones of fetuses. You awoke in great fear, but after a cup of warm _____ you felt much better. We played for hours, laughing and tickling each other. I will never forget that Mr. Furious. If you don’t make me a contributor I will let the world know where your name came from! HA HA HA HA AAH?

  3. Finally hit up my first listen of the Bike album, and so far I really like it. First impressions: it’s music to just listen to, to think to, to read to. I get the same feeling (through a different sound) as I do when I listen to bands like Audioslave, Dominic Gaudious, Enigma, Faithless, Gorillaz, or Pink Floyd. I think the most apt correlation is with Gorillaz, but again, that’s merely on my first glance.


  4. So happy you’re listening JT. In the first 24 hours, we’ve seen about 40 song downloads on Bike, which is great. I forgot to check on your random music list before commenting, so I’ll see if you looked at my guesses in a second. Merry Christmas! -h

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