Mohs Fuzz

My next pedal design, the Mohs Fuzz, is finished and ready to draw up, order parts, and build.

Start of the Mohs layout (incomplete; this is essentially a template from the Falcon Heavy, stripped of the actual circuit and hardware changed over to what the Mohs needs. The Mohs will have the same enclosure and similar, though simpler, controls)

For the Mohs I started with a silicon Fuzz Face, not knowing if it would lead to a finished idea, and experimented broadly from there.  The key to its range of fuzz tones is the “Hardness” control, which affects the softness-to-hardness of the signal clipping and gives the pedal its name (for Friedrich Mohs and his scale of mineral hardness).

Update: Here’s a short clip of Drew playing the breadboarded Mohs:

I plan on building at least three, but if you’re curious and/or interested in obtaining one, email me or leave a comment with your email address and I’ll get in touch about it.  I may do a quick video before ordering parts for the run to help determine interest.