The nearly ten-year-old demo to “2013 March” (working title; now “Let’s Get Out Of Here” from Fight Songs) came up by accident – almost by mistake – in my workout mix on Tuesday. I’d used some weird genre tags to group the shaker demo/Fight Songs material, and this track happened to get tagged as 90s rock.

It had a great energy, something the full studio mix seemed to be lacking. I played it again and realized that in arranging the song for a full band mix and electric guitars, I’d lost the spark that came from bashing away on the acoustic and the harmonic complexity of the chord voicings in the demo.

So I recorded an acoustic track for the real mix, and bam; now it rips like it should.

I’m very lucky to have stumbled over my demo when I did. “First idea, best idea” is often true, and always worth checking.