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  1. Maybe an ok translation? I got it from http://www.freetranslation.com

    《主語なし》After even the opportunity that a/the classic makes the ear this way due to category outside, at all is, although be almost absent it is net label Mr. “The Humble Antiphon” of Katherine Lindhart that was released from Furious Records is very fresh. The singing voice that has the tension with a touch of melody and, opera of the piano that flow to Ambience is impressive.

    Pretty sweet!!


  2. Wwwwhhhheewwww… well, from that I can gather “very fresh,” “singing voice… has the tension with a touch of melody,” and “ambience is impressive” (I guess they liked the reverb???)

    What do YOU think of Antiphon, Jake?


  3. I love it. It’s been one of my soundtrack cds in my room as I’ve been working on my homework. Very different than most of the MFR stuff, but it’s wonderful to have a little bit of diversity in the sound. Did Katherine end up writing those songs, or are they standards of some kind?

    Anyways, congrats on the review. It’s pretty excited that the music on MFR is still getting out there!


  4. I too enjoy The Humble Antiphon. But I remember (as I’m sure Katy remembers) when the Antiphon WASN’T so Humble.

  5. The first three songs are by Clara Schumann, wife of composer Robert. Musicologists are doing some exciting research, showing that many compositions published under Robert’s name are most likely actually hers!

    Tracks 4-9 were written by Claude Debussy.

    Check out the translations document for more info!


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